Smithfield Livestock Auction

About Smithfield Livestock Auction

Our auction business began in 1947 when, at age 16, Dean H. Parker sold his first sale.  The business rapidly progressed to become one of the nation's first consignment horse sale production, managed by Dean H. Parker and Associates.  The Family was deeply involved in the auction business.  Dean's oldest son, Lane, quickly learned and shared the passion for auction sales.  Years later Lane's son, Jared, followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather to become an auctioneer as well, making 3 generations of auctioneers in the family.

The early years were very busy.  Between horse sales the family owned and operated Meadow Creek Ranch, in Auburn California during the 1960's and 1970's.  Dean Parker was actively involved in the American Quarter Horse Association and helped the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association get on its feet as one of its early directors.  All Western Sales was founded in 1965.  This successful horse sales company put on consignment sales all over California and surrounding areas.  The company still continues to produce the Auburn All Western in Auburn, CA as well as several All Western sales in Utah.

In 1976 the family moved back near its roots to Logan, Utah.  Logan River Ranch was then home.  The ranch housed a thriving breeding operation and stallion station, standing such stallions as Truly Truckle, Sugar Bars, and Buzz Bar.

The family continued to travel throughout the nation putting on many consignment and production sales.  Dean was elected the President of the National Auctioneers Association in 1990 and was later inducted into the NAA Hall of Fame.

The focus of the business began to shift toward cattle sales.  In 1995, the Smithfield Livestock Auction was purchased and began operating the weekly cattle sales in Smithfield.  Lane joined with the Superior Livestock Auction as a representative in 2002 and began traveling around the region videoing ranchers' cattle for the internet auctions.  Currently the family owns and operates the Smithfield Livestock Auction and All Western Horse Sales.  Logan River Ranch is still home and now houses a 200 head beef cow/calf operation.

Apart from the regular auction sales, the family enjoys snowmobiling in the winters and enjoys trail riding, showing horses, going on pack trips, and tending the cattle in the summers.  Lane, his wife Susan, and family, now manage the horse sales.  Dean passed away in 2009.  His wife Marilyn still lives on the ranch and stays very active and busy.  Lane and Susan have four children. Jared and his wife Amy have seven energetic children.  All members of the family enjoy contributing to the success of the business.