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In 1987, Superior Livestock Auction introduced satellite video marketing to the nation’s livestock industry and forever changed the way load lots of cattle are marketed. Superior has grown to become the largest livestock auction in the United States, marketing well over one million head of cattle annually.

Lane Parker became a representative for Superior Livestock Auction in 2002, to bring to the ranching community the opportunity of exposure to the largest buying and selling pool in the nation.

Unlike conventional marketing methods, buyers have the opportunity to view, evaluate and make selections from cattle across the country in the convenience of their office or home. Sellers can offer their cattle, viewed in their natural surroundings, to a nationwide buyer base.

Load lots of country fresh cattle are sold on contract for immediate to future delivery using the most accurate form of price discovery available….competitive bidding. Superior has created a national livestock market, where prices are discovered without regard to local climate conditions or demand.

Superior conducts an auction every Friday and Country Page sales daily.  The video auctions are broadcast live from Superior’s office and Studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards every other week during the majority of the year.  From June through September, Superior conducts “special” multiple day regional auctions in different locations throughout the country.  An Internet Auction is conducted every Friday that there is not a video auction or a holiday.  Cattle are offered for sale on the Country Page every day of the week.  This provides an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of current market conditions.

Superior is committed to innovation and to utilizing the best technology available to keep us in the lead in video and internet marketing.

The success and growth of Superior Livestock Auction is the result of its reputation for honesty and integrity, it qualified and professional staff and representatives, thousands of satisfied customers, its leadership role in industry innovations and its goal to be the best, most complete livestock marketing service in the industry.

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